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virtuapern.kydance.net port 9999 9999


How many folks still use this group?


Midnight musings and the squishy panda...


Life seems pointless without goals. Working towards goals sometimes feels pointless. Or worthless. But... I'm working towards them still. Life is boring without something to do. Whats the point of living if there is nothing to live for. Live for something... and not just yourself. Live for a reason.


Virtuapern's new address!

Our new address is newjitterbug.mudmagic.com or port 9997.


VP is experiencing some down time due to a book keeping error. We apologize for the inconvenience and will be back up and running ASAP.

M'an vs Dagmar

Enter H'kon and Arekoth!

Extended Flight!

North's first proper take to the air, and a taste of landing afterwards.


Meeting Vaea

It's a very short log, but someone wanted to see it, not naming names *COUGHCOUGHLOKICOUGH*

Weyrlings At Play