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Meeting Vaea

It's a very short log, but someone wanted to see it, not naming names *COUGHCOUGHLOKICOUGH*

Weyr Stables
Spacious and tall with the necessity for keeping high-strung runners calm, this rough-hewn cavern stretches deep into the living rock of the mountain, a far cry from the clean lines of old-time construction.  The smell of fresh-cut wood from the new stalls mingles with earthier aromas of hay and the expected by-products of what runners do with that hay.  Numerous glows keep the place bright enough, and reveal details such as several cabinets for tack, a large hayrick near the back of the cavern, and closed doors leading to private quarters.


Hands are planted firmly on hips as Vaea stalks into the stables, "Treshnor! Treshnor! Get out here, right now!" She calls, tone firm and commanding. "You won't get cookies after dinner if you don't come to dinner first!" This is a threat. But there is no response from 'Treshnor' if he is in fact here, though anyone who's been in the stables a substantial amount of time would've seen the rambunctious seven turn old sneak in some time earlier and hide himself. So there the young nanny stands, looking imposing, but with no one apparent to intimidate.

The runners could be intimidated. Copper's Cunning in particular as a panicked whinney sounds from the animal. Strangely enough though, it's not from Vaea's voice, but rather the smell which follows. The smell of a dragon. Sadly enough, there is no dragon to accompany the Weyrling Kia as she seems to follow the other girl in. Her eyes are unfocused, but clearly staring at the back of Vaea's head. The sounds of a panicked Copper don't reach the former stablegirl's ears, and for now it clearly looks as if the girl's forgotten the reason she came down here in the first place.

Vaea cares nothing for the state of the runners. Runners are not her business. So they can whinny and whine or even dance and it wouldn't make to whips of difference to the daker skinned lass. Arms shift from hips to where they fold across her chest. "I'm giving you to the count of ten." And with that she begins counting. She reaches seven before she is distracted by the Weyrling's presence. She offers a polite nod in Kia's direction before resuming her count, fruitless though the attempt ends up. "I'm -hungry-, Tresh. Come out!" Then there's a sigh as this also receives no response. "You're as bad as Loki!" She shouts. Probably the worse thing she can think to call the little boy.

Kia stands there, looking as dazed as ever and even with a stupid grin on her face. All the more it seems like she's mocking the teenager's efforts, but honestly, Kia doesn't care about that right now. She's too busy trying to persuade North to stop with all the training he's doing, and take a break. And of course, having her willpower challenged as such is something new for Kia, so she's doing pretty badly. Funnily enough, the name 'Loki' draws an instant response from the fawn-haired girl, and a double blink has her concentration restored. "There isn't a person alive worse than Loki. He eats my flowers." Whatever that means can be taken however Vaea likes, since Kia has finally got back to the reason why she came down here: to visit the runners!

Vaea snorts slightly, "I'm not surprised." The statement is accompanied by a roll of her eyes. "Can't keep that boy out of trouble for two moments together. Never could." She sighs, "Treshnor is quickly mounting in the ranks of those who're emulating Loki's poor example." She taps her toe on the stable floor. "Treshnor, if you don't get out here right now, I'm going to tell Arabella that you looooove her and want to handfast her." She calls, exaggerating the dreaded four-letter word. And that threat is enough to get the brown-haired boy to pop his head up from behind one of the stalls and saunter out looking sheepish. "There you are. Now. Dinner. Let's go. I'm hungry." She points at the boy then she points at the exit, watching as he moves to it, and then she's soon to follow saying, "Have a nice evening," to Kia as she goes.

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