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Enter H'kon and Arekoth!

The fiery little brown and his rider have been circling around in the air for quite a while by this point, but whatever inspection of their new surroundings was in progress has now come to a close. Arekoth's descent into the bowl is a slow and cautious one, the three-legged landing executed with a careful precision and quite the snort from the dragon. A moment, and the stocky rider slides down to the ground, eyes squinted so as to seem he's glaring at the scenery all around him.

Quite a snort is sure to attract attention, especially from a Weyrling clearly irritated by the constant scrubbing of the oil rag she's giving and the irritated feedback recieved. Kia's form is bathed in sweat from the heat, and her skin is flustered from the effort she's putting into making North look as stunning as always. However, since he's somehow grown incredibly long, it's taking a while. Finding relief in the oppertunity to glance at a fellow rider landing, Kia straightens up from a patch on North's flank, turning her head and shielding her eyes from the sun to get a closer look.

H'kon's glaring about the bowl will eventually land his gaze on Kia. And he looks just long enough to determine her rank, scowling ever-so-briefly toward the brown she oils, and then squaring up his shoulders and standing as tall as his short stature will allow. An expectant look is pinned on the weyrling rider. Arekoth, meanwhile, offers an altogether good-natured rumble North's way, though doesn't forget to stretch out his wings in a show of strength.

North turns his mutli-faceted eyes onto the same pair his lifemate seems to be focused on, and there's that silent moment of judgement. The oddly twisted limb is considered by the Brown for a few moments, and slowly the rumbling is returned. Kia, who is still blinking at H'kor, dismisses the expectant look and grins broadly, a wave following. "Have fun on the wing there?" At the word 'wing', a small bronze form seems to clamber from the dark cool of the Weyrling's clothing and set itself on one of the young woman's shoulders, eyeing the man too.

H'kon peers to that little bronze thing, and then is back to peering toward Kia. And here comes the frown, all too easily creasing into familiar lines on the rider's face. Ray of sunshine, this one. "As a weyrling, I should think you would greet a full rider first with a salute." Mumbled more than said, though uttered with complete seriousness.

Oh! Silly Kia. With the grin still broad on her face she performs the salute, but it doesn't last very long. In this heat, formalities are of little regard to the Weyrling. "Sorry! It's just so hot y'see, and.. Oooh." There's that rather intriuged gleam in the girl's eyes. ".. We've not met before, have we?" And that is rapidly comfirmed with a fast amount of chittering from Gazette. It's a foodthing with hair -on- it's face? The flizen is quickly silenced with a rumble from a sturdy-looking North, who in all fairness is only trying to look his best. A small snackthing like a firelizard isn't about to ruin impressions!

Only after he has crisply returned the salute is, "No," answered to the question of acquaintance, with perfect certainty. "H'kon," is provided next. Another brief glance to the bronze thing, another creasing of frown-lines. Hands are linked behind his back, and the man nods his head toward the fiery brown alongside him. "Arekoth." Arekoth, for his part, tilts his head to display the best side of his head to Kia, neck stretching upward ever-so-slightly.

Kia doesn't let that friendly smile down an inch as names are given. In fact, she's rather pleased. "I'm Kia and this is North! And this.." She indicates to the wriggly, over-excited Bronze, ".. Is Gazette. I would introduce you to Quincy and Shardis too, but they seem to be elsewhere at the moment." North slowly extends his own long neck and composes himself in that graceful manner so reminiscent of a thoroughbred runner. If someone watching didn't know better, they would have thought he was sizing himself up against Arekoth.

"Ah," comes after the list of names, accompanied with a quick dip of the brownrider's bearded chin. Arekoth, for his part, allows his head to slowly roll from one side to the other, glancing at North as if in afterthought. H'kon's forearms, meanwhile, begin to flex slightly as the clasped hands behind his back fidget.

Tense is probably the atmosphere which follows Kia's falling silent, and the expression fading to a somewhat confused one. Even Gazette seems to have changed to a more docile mood. "Uhm.." There's a lack of conversation which Kia seems all too uncomfortable with, so with a difficult grin she tries to pick up a more positive attitude. "So.. Are you not from around here? North says he doesn't recognise Arekoth at all."

H'kon adjusts his stance a little, allowing his feet to be a bit wider apart. His head is shaken, one move in either direction, and icy-blue eyes flit briefly over to Arekoth. "No." Chin is pushed up a little when he's looking back toward the weyrling. "We are from High Reaches." The man has no skill at maintaining conversation.

Kia seems relieved that there's at least some form of communication going on again, and she nods. "High Reaches? What's the weather like there?" As the flizen on her shoulder takes wing, she barely has time to question the little bronze's motive before it dissapears in the blink of an eye. With a frown, the Weyrling rubs her forehead and exhales a little. "Y'know, maybe it'd be better if we both got something to drink. I'm parched, and if you're new, North would be delighted to show Arekoth to the lake." A small rumble is all but a reply from the long Brown.

H'kon's teeth click as his jaw moves from a fairly restful position to a tenser on. Brow furrows in time to Arekoth's forward shift as the brown gets ready to move. "The weather..." a different subject is seized on, "is colder. True winters." But by this point, Arekoth has surely informed North of his desire to see the lake. Nevermind that H'kon has hunkered down a little, as far as stance goes. Lowering his centre of gravity instinctively, so it's harder to move him.

North allows his wings to fan out as he prepares for one of many flights which he's been undertaking. As Kia notes this, she gives the Brown a quick pat to his shoulder. "Don't overdo it or show off, alright?" The response is positive as North easily graces the air with his presence, a few wingbeats up before awaiting the older dragon. "So it's cold there? Wow. It's been unusually hot here. I'd give anything for a day somewhere chilly." Kia continues the conversation, quite forgetting that she'd invited him for a drink.

Arekoth gives a cocky little bugle as he takes off, sure to show North one of the more basic aerial tricks in which he specialises on the way there. And H'kon is left with a talkative girl, and looking less than thrilled. Or at the very best, uncomfortable. "So I was told, when being transferred."

Standing at this distance isn't the best for conversation, so the girls pulls the odd strand of hair away from her eyes, and slowly approaches the man. "Transferred? Didn't you want to come here?" There's a rather odd tone hinting in Kia's voice. Obviously the idea of someone doing something against their will isn't something she's fond of.

H'kon inhales careully as Kia approaches him, chest puffing out just a little. "I wished to transfer from where I was," he ammends, but, true to orm, offers nothing beyond this bit of information. A quick glance is sent off in the direction in which the dragons had headed.

Kia 'ohs'. "So.. Don't you miss your friends back at High Reaches? I would if I had to transfer.. May I ask what made you move, if it's not too personal of course." She slowly beckons H'kon towards the more shaded area of the Bowl in the process of asking, mainly for her own benefit. The girl is roasting out here! Any more and she'll have to start stripping!

H'kon is not so ready to head toward the shade, and stays in that grounded stance of his. Even if a few beads of sweat are beginning to form around his hairline. "We were at Ista, I wished to be elsewhere." And he clams up again. And this time, sends a glance in the direction of the living cavern.

The glances don't go unnoticed. Especially when it ends up with Kia stood alone in a more shaded area and leaving H'kon standing out in the boiling heat. "Um.. Well. If you intend on staying there." Kia wipes her forehead and frowns at the rider. "If you need any directions and stuff, I'm more than happy to help as well." And that's about it. With that never-changing composure, Kia's becoming more frightened of H'kon compared to anything else. Creepy still man!

H'kon nods his head to the younger brownrider. "Well... thank you." The thanks sounds largely uncertain. "You will excuse me. There are... things I must attend to." And so he turns sharply on his heel with nothing more as greeting, and near marches off toward the caverns to do Faranth-knows-what.

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