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The Dragonriders of Pern is registered U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, by Anne McCaffrey. VirtuaPern has been operating since 1995 with the permission of the author. Use or reproduction without a license is strictly prohibited. All code and artwork displayed on VirtuaPern is the property of the administration and is not to be copied without express permission.

VirtuaPern exists approximately 1,800 turns after the Ninth Pass. We're working under the assumption that all the things in the book did happen and from there the story continues. After the death of Robinton, things took a rather morose twist. The sabotage continued for a multitude of turns, eventually culminating in yet another volcanic eruption that proved to damage Landing far more than any saboteur could have hoped for. With such tragedy hanging over Landing, people gradually drew away from AIVAS and it's knowledge.

The Weyrs, having fulfilled theiir plans to eradicate Thread, fight out the rest of the Pass but with the eventual death of F'lar and the greatly decreasing sizes of dragon clutches, the Weyrs only made a partial attempt to settle in the South at Honshu and Eastern Weyr. Over the next 680 turns the Weyrs diminish as the number of new dragons never exceeded the number of existing dragons, to the point where now in the present only two Weyrs are still open, the rest moving to Fort and Benden to make full sized Weyrs.

Rumors abounded that the clutches at the Weyrs are growing in number and dragonriders once again rise to Search outside the Weyr. It was not long before the rumors proved to be true. Opening a Weyr at Xanadu, the dragonriders started quietly preparing for the return of Thread, hoping to do so without alerting the Holders to their actions - up until now, while not fully supportive of the Weyrs, they did continue to send small tithes of food and supplies in deference to the heroes of Turns past.

In time, the rumors would prove to be true, and the world of Pern was, indeed, once more threatened by its ancient enemy. But the deadly rain that fell upon the lush forests and jungles was merely a shadow of the old threat - the Falls weaker, shorter, and far less thick than their Records suggested they would be. It seemed that while F'lar and AIVAS had failed, in the end, they had at least brought their world out of the shadow cast upon it by the Red Star. Efforts were made to restore the other Weyrs during this time as well, with token forces ultimately setting watches in Telgar, Igen, Honshu, Southern, Eastern, Ista, and High Reaches. During the first 200 Turns of the pass, these forces would grow to be self-sustaining.

Following that brief Pass, however, a thousand Turns of no thread would follow. During that time, agitators among the Holders begin to convince the greater majority of Pern that the very light, short pass of Turns previously was just a fluke - a last gasp from a dying enemy, and when the 800 Turn mark goes by, it is clear they are vindicated in their beliefs. During the remaining 200 Turns prior to the opening of VirtuaPern, the prestige and influence of the dragonriders slowly fades - with less and less of them as time goes on. Even their limited holdings in the South, designed by the forward-seeing F'lar, to decrease their dependence on the Holds have dwindled as daring raids by greedy men have forced them back. Now, they can produce barely enough to feed themselves, bartering the skills only a dragon possesses to bring sustenance and goods into the Weyrs, which are slowly cut back to the original six, plus Eastern and Southern.

Each remaining Weyr, now down to barely a third of the strengths they boasted in the 9th Pass, maintains the pride and dignity of the Dragonriders wherever they can - sticking to tradition as much as possible despite their losses in both influence and purpose. When a balefully burning star appears low on the eastern horizon, the rising of the hair on the back of their necks is the only clue that, perhaps, their purpose is not so far gone as Pern was lead to believe.

Please remember that this is NOT a family or PG/G rated MOO. We deal, as the books did, with adult themes.

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